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About us 首頁 > 關于吉得 > About us

Sanpoly was established in January 2008. In Jan 2009, we started cooperation with Chori Shanghai who became one of our shareholders. Since the foundation of the company, we has been focusing on promotion of importing chemical products, and constantly introducing world-wide good chemical products to chinese market. Currently, there are about sixty varieties of products, mainly used in the chemical fields of polyurethane, epoxy, polyester and acrylic. We established good cooperation with the following famous suppliers: Covestro, Perstorp, Tosoh, Chori, BASF, Eastman, MGC, Synthomer, Jingyu, Nippon Paper, Croda, Dow etc.

We headquartered in Shanghai and have another four branch offices. Our business is throughout China. We will provide professional services to meet customers’ requirements.

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